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St. Moritz is the perfect place to chill this winter. Not only are there more ways to enjoy the snow up here at 1822 metres above sea-level than at almost any other resort, but the legendary Alpine village also offers visitors a large number of unique holiday experiences and activities. There’s an Alpine world of sport, art and culture, well-being and exclusive gourmet pleasures waiting to be explored. Let us show you all the must-do items for your St. Moritz holiday bucket list.

Surf Over
Surf Over

The legendary Surf Over event on 8th April 2023 at the Alpina Hütte is all about skill and creativity. It's not just your technique that counts as you cross the water pit, it's how good you look. As the saying goes: more is more. There are prizes for the top performances.

Dazzle the crowds with your winter surfing skills in a tense contest with three entry categories: skiers, snowboarders and kids. And there's a prize for best fancy dress as well!

Teatime in St. Moritz
Teatime at Carlton Hotel

It’s teatime! The tradition of taking afternoon tea goes way back, and it’s still alive and well in St. Moritz. In the town’s imposing hotel lounges, traditional coffee houses or cosy tea rooms, textbook afternoon teas are served, sumptuous and sophisticated. The origins of the afternoon ritual lie – where else? – with the British aristocracy. Until the mid-1840s, they would only have two meals a day – breakfast and dinner. For the Duchess of Bedford, Anne Russell, who was lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria, this was not enough, so every day at around 5 pm she would order bread and butter served with tea. She invited friends to join her and over the course of time the number of guests increased, as did the quantity of snacks they were served. It was the birth of afternoon tea, and soon cucumber sandwiches and petits fours were de rigueur across England every afternoon.

More info: www.stmoritz.com/tea-time

Museums and galleries

In terms of art and culture, St. Moritz can easily compete with the big cities, as demonstrated by the fact that renowned modern galleries such as Hauser & Wirth, Karsten Greve and Vito Schnabel have established venues here. The Miniature City is also home to an impressive number of museums, including the Segantini Museum with its distinctive dome, the Mili Weber House, the Engadine Museum and the Berry Museum. The Upper Engadine has been a place of retreat and a source of inspiration for world-famous painters, philosophers and writers through the ages: Giovanni Segantini, Ferdinand Hodler, Friedrich Nietzsche and Thomas Mann all extolled the archaic beauty of the local Alpine landscape and immortalized it in their works. Take a stroll down the paths walked by great artists and let the collections in our galleries and museums give wings to your ideas and imagination.

More info:

Night life
Night life

If these walls could talk… There are many incredible legends surrounding the Dracula Club. All of them probably true. Since opening in the 1970s, the private club has regularly made history – and continues to do so today. However, there are other venues which provide the Alpine town with an exciting nightlife that often extends into the early hours of morning, such as the Pavarotti Wine Bar with its celebrated host and owner Deny Mainente, the relaxed QN Bar and the impeccably styled St. Moritz Sky Bar on the roof of the Art Boutique Hotel Monopol.

More info: www.stmoritz.com/nightlife

Alpine huts
Mountain Hats

In and around St. Moritz, there is a great deal of variety. This applies to the mountain restaurants, for example: not only do they offer a sublime combination of the magic of the Alpine hut and the romance of the mountains, but they are also distinctive in themselves thanks to their innovative design concepts. No two huts are alike: the Alpina-Hütte on Corviglia is a great venue for party-lovers, like the sun terrace of the Salastrain Hotel or the fashionable CheCha club. Paradiso Mountain Club is for gourmets and bon-vivants, Hahnensee for families, the snug little Chamanna restaurant is great for people who like to relax and enjoy themselves and Muottas Muragl is for romantics.

More info: www.stmoritz.com/alpine-huts

Hikes under a full moon
Fullmoon Hikes

Magical powers may have been attributed to it since the beginnings of time, but the full moon is not merely a charming mystical sight, it is also the perfect companion for a night-time snowshoe hike, lighting your way. On this tour an experienced guide will accompany you through a clear winter’s night, enabling you to participate in this enchanting natural spectacle. At the end of the full-moon hike, the Panorama Restaurant awaits with a fortifying glass of wine and culinary specialities from Graubünden.

More info: www.mountains.ch

Snow Safari
Snow Safari

An amazing elevation change of 4444 metres, 44 kilometres of slopes, two mountain peaks over 3000 metres above sea-level and 18 cafés and restaurants set amongst them: the Snow Safari will take you on an amazing adventure through the Engadine region. Setting off from Corvatsch, you ski or snowboard via St. Moritz to the Piz Nair and down to Celerina, crossing from one side of the valley to the other. This spectacular tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Corvatsch and Corviglia ski areas both on the same day. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

More info: www.engadin.ch/snowsafari

Private spa and whirlpool
Private spa and whirlpool

It’s all about me-time! Are you looking for calm and relaxation for your body and mind? Would you like to enjoy the use of a private spa and whirlpool bath during your stay? There are many possibilities for relaxing in a luxurious ambience in and around St. Moritz. For example, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz and the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz, along with the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina, all offer exclusive private spa suites with a whirlpool bath.

Million Stars Hotel
Observatory Randolins

In this hotel room you can really reach for the stars. The historic observatory on the Chesa Margna dates back to 1924 and in recent months has been lovingly converted for use as a truly exceptional hotel room. The dome can be opened in fine weather to offer a breathtaking view of the mountains, Lake Champfèr and Lake Silvaplana. It could hardly be more romantic – and the starry skies come free with this unforgettable overnight experience. Never mind the sheep, let's start counting the stars!

More info: www.randolins.ch

Exhibition «125 YEARS OF BOB CLUB»
Exhibition «125 YEARS OF BOB CLUB»

In the Serletta car park, located between the train station, the lake and the Palace Hotel. This particular art gallery is open twenty-four-seven every day of the year and sees one million visitors a year. 31 large illuminated vitrines, displaying the 125-year history of the Bob Club, line the pedestrian walkway and elevator that run down to the lake from the Badrutt's Palace Hotel. Eye-catching posters showcasing varying themes entertain passers-by around the clock in this unexpected art gallery.

More info: www.stmoritz.com/design-gallery

Curling and ice-stock sport
Curling & Ice stock sport

Ice Ice Baby… The St. Moritz Curling Club describes itself as “the oldest curling club on the continent of Europe”. Is that really true? Quite possibly. One thing’s for sure, ice-stock sport is extremely popular in St. Moritz. The sport is similar in principle to curling. The aim is to get your ice stock to arrive as close as possible to the target. The best place to play is Lake Moritz when it’s frozen over, with its unique ice rink in a picturesque natural setting.

More info: www.stmoritz.com/amusements

Haute cuisine
Haute cuisine

Lasciatemi… mangiare! St. Moritz has always celebrated world-class food and drink so it’s no surprise that the iconic Alpine town is blessed with an unrivalled concentration of first-class restaurants, one in ten of which boasts a gourmet label. Along with an IGNIV Dependence from master chef Andrea Caminada, Badrutt’s Palace also features Matsuhisa, a concession of the Japanese star chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa (Nobu). Peruvian chef Claudia Canessa knows how to delight customers at the Sunny Bar in the Kulm Hotel with her sophisticated creations, as do the Cerea brothers with their award-winning Italian cuisine at the Carlton Hotel. These are just a few of the culinary highlights awaiting you in St. Moritz.

More info: www.stmoritz.com/haute-cuisine

Snowshoe Hiking
Snowshoe Hiking

Step into a world of white, where all around is peace and tranquillity. Snowshoeing not only gets your pulse racing, it is also a form of meditation in an unspoiled natural setting. The enchanting snowscapes of St. Moritz beckon you to leave life’s clamour far behind. From short trails for beginners and families to more challenging routes, there is the perfect hike for everyone here.

More info: www.engadin.ch/snowshoeing


Metropolitan chic meets Alpine village charm: the picturesque alleys of St. Moritz are home to designer labels, gourmet delis and speciality food shops alike. Fashionistas will enjoy their Alpine shopping experience here as much as foodies and epicureans.

More info: www.stmoritz.com/shopping

From days gone by
From way back

A St. Moritz institution and its communal memory, the documents library showcases the past and present of St. Moritz as well as taking a look at the development of the village. The collection includes photographs, image data, audio-visual media, printed matter, posters and literature from and about St. Moritz. The document library also provides easy access to its collection in a modern form.

More info: www.biblio-stmoritz.ch

Still want more?
St. Moritz Shop

If you would like to take a little bit of St. Moritz home with you or buy gifts for friends and family, you’ll find some great ideas in our souvenir shop to make your holiday truly memorable.

More info: www.booking.stmoritz.com

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