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Bernina Pass

All roads lead to St. Moritz

A spectacular journey into the Alps is the first highlight of every holiday in this picturesque region.

Despite its secluded location in the heart of the Grisons Alps, St. Moritz is well connected to the outside world with a variety of convenient public transport options.

Important Information

Arriving by bus, limousine or car

Thanks to the region’s well-maintained Alpine pass roads, St. Moritz can be easily accessed by bus or car from northern Switzerland, Ticino, Italy and Austria. It takes around three hours to drive from Zurich or Milan and four hours from Munich. If you would prefer to avoid driving over the Alps, you can also load your car onto a train and travel through the Vereina Tunnel. The journey from Prättigau (Selfranga) to Engadin (Sagliains) takes just 18 minutes. Another efficient and comfortable alternative is to take a limousine to Engadin. An experienced multilingual chauffeur will pick you up from the arrivals hall at the airport and take you directly to your accommodation in St. Moritz.

Arriving by train

The most spectacular way to reach St. Moritz is by taking the Glacier Express or the Bernina Express, which travel along a UNESCO World Heritage railway line. The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) transports passengers to Engadin from Chur via the Albula Pass, or from Tirano (Italy) via the Bernina Pass. Filled with spiral tunnels and dizzying viaducts, they are among the most beautiful and breathtaking railway lines in Europe. Alternatively, you can also travel to St. Moritz from Landquart via Klosters. The train journey from Zurich’s main station to St. Moritz takes three hours.

Timetables and tickets are available at: www.sbb.ch and www.rhb.ch

Glacier Express - Excellence Class

Glacier Express - Excellence Class

Arriving by plane or helicopter

Engadin Airport is located in the nearby town of Samedan. Visitors can fly there quickly and comfortably with a private jet, charter flight or air taxi. On request, you can also arrange direct flights and helicopter flights to all European destinations and connecting airports.

Further information about Engadin Airport: www.engadin-airport.ch

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