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Kings Social House

St. Moritz stands for epicurean excellence across the board

Ever wanted to dine like a king while enjoying a sublime view of pristine wilderness? Then you’ve come to the right place. At 1,822 metres above sea level, St. Moritz boasts an unrivalled concentration of gourmet restaurants and award-winning chefs.

Restaurants at 1800 M

Kings Social House

As you make your way through the snow-covered and festively lit lanes, you’ll quickly realise that St. Moritz has more to offer than simply shopping and winter sports. Haute cuisine is de rigueur here, with dozens of gourmet restaurants offering a diverse array of exquisite cuisine. Nestled inside buildings of various architectural styles, the restaurants reflect the sophisticated and international St. Moritz lifestyle.

From down-to-earth and rustic to hip and contemporary, all the restaurants in St. Moritz deliver a first-class fine dining experience. Only the very best ingredients make it to the plate.

The avant-garde culinary techniques of the numerous star chefs never fail to delight. And the taste! Here at 1,822 metres above sea level, food simply tastes better, more intense and more exciting.

St. Moritz also offers a wide range of fabulous delicacies that won’t cost you the earth. Whether you’re after feel-good food or uncomplicated dishes that simply taste great – in St. Moritz, everyone goes home happy.

Kings Social House
Kings Social House
Kings Social House
Kings Social House
With the opening of King's Social House, Badrutt's Palace Hotel launches its new culinary collaboration with British star chef and restaurateur Jason Atherton.
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